This week has been a writing week so sorry for the short post. I have been involved in a beekeeping meeting  in Brighton. There have been some great meetings and projects in progress that I will update you with soon. (Here) is a summary presentation of what I have achieved. We are planning some things for design week in london that is coming up so watch this space!

One of my favourite pieces of open design to date by Daniel Charny... its stunning pig-dog! How he saw the potential in the carton... I have no idea. there are many more but you will have to go back through the blog.

There was a hosted BBQ and mini photo exhibition from the year, with a spot of urban beekeeping thrown in. Shame about the weather but a very good meeting. 

A summary of the best articles that I have read so far throughout the year, there are so many more but these are some of the most that I have referenced in papers etc.

Fab FM: the Design, Making, and Modification of an Open-Source Electronic Product
The future of open fabrication, institute of the future
Fab@Home Model 2: Towards Ubiquitous Personal Fabrication Devices
Future Craft: How Digital Media is Transforming Product Design
Manufacturing: do it yourself?
The Rise of Personal Fabrication
Rise of the Expert Amateur: DIY Projects, Communities, and Cultures

The "Open Society" and Its Fallacies
'Anyone Designing Anything?' Non-Professional Designers and the History of Design Philip Pacey 
User-Sensitive Inclusive Design
Boundaries? What Boundaries? The Crisis of Design in a Post-Professional Era
Craft in an Age of Change
Open Sourcery When Hacker Culture Informs the Design Studio
openp2pdesign.org_1.1 Design for Complexity


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